5 Technologies that are About to Change the World
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5 Technologies that are About to Change the World

August 31, 2017

With all that we’ve all heard over the years, it is easy to be pessimistic about the future. Technology has taken the world in another level all too fast. Technology has never stopped evolving as innovators keep trying to represent huge leaps forward. States such as New York, California and North Carolina have companies that deploy and develop technologies that could change the world. Companies have invested billions of dollars to adopt these digital technologies. As we look to at some of the top technologies that will change the world, we all ought to think of the health of our future and risk it for nothing!

Self Driving Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will outright change the universe. As it turns out, we all rely on cars to get by. The takeover of self driving cars will therefore have a vast impact on the world. There are benefits that will come with it such as elimination of car related deaths and high efficiency on the roads.Contrary, a large number of organ donations is given by accident fatalities. With lower vehicle accidents, there will be low supply of fresh body parts from hospitals. Therefore, people not dying will lead to other people dying.

Organic Printing

Humanity have unbelievably put effort to print food products not to mention drugs which is a massive step. These efforts have been clearly seen through the icing machines for cakes. Printing food successfully with non perishable machines means that the world, in the near future, would be able to deal with hunger that exists. Furthermore, we would manage to cut food manufacturing cost and hence do away with most food-borne illnesses.  Here is a look at Printing 3D Organic Matter.

Increasing AI to human brains

Artificial intelligence salting means teaching an AI to function like a human through a specialised technician. As most of us get used to the intelligence of our cars, smartphones and computer, some investors and scientists are busy trying to figure out how to add AI to the brain. Scientists would benefit from this technology as curing diseases like brain injuries, sight and hearing impairment would be simple. It would also enable us to send commands to computers with our thoughts.

Advanced Bio-engineering

The ability to release insects that can cure or address other diseases is a significant step in the technology. For example, release of bio-engineered mosquitoes have largely assisted in addressing mosquitoes that carry sickness. This, however, would result in global warming.

Ultra-capacitor Batteries

Ultra-capacitor batteries are charged and discharged almost immediately. They are lighter than current batteries and increase efficiency in care and other things. However, these batteries do not store energy for a long time. This would be a large step in improving electric powered cars and creating off-grid home power.

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