Five Ways in Which Virtual Reality will Change our Lives

September 21, 2017

Virtual reality was conceived as an idea decades ago.  Movies and television imagined what it would be like and we fantasized about it.  Today, the technology is now coming of age and we are only wondering what impact will it have in our lives.

Only two years ago, we were imagining already the impact that virtual reality would have on the world.  Last year was considered the year of virtual reality.  So, how will VR continue to impact our world for the time coming?


Needless to say, we consider that we made no mistake when we thought that VR was a technology that would have a great impact on gaming.   This is in fact, the most demonstrated use for virtual reality.   The technology has not yet visited most games but we can be sure that it will pretty fast become commonplace.

Even cellphone gaming technology is moving forward and applying VR.  Once again, it is still not available to everyone, mostly due to pricing but then you can easily go to your nearest arcade and get a taste of it.

Virtual Trips

Just think about all the possibilities here.  People will be able to literally sit on the toilet at the Alps!  But beyond that vague use, people who are not able to visit a museum or go to any place for whatever reason will now be missing nothing.

Or the real estate agent that will now be able to show their potential clients houses and properties without having to physically go there.


It is a lot safer for practicing surgeons to practice their craft on other than real people.  But then it is also better to practices surgery on something that is not a plastic model or a dead body donated to science.

Surgeons can use VR to better train themselves through a fully-interactive and accurately modeled specimen.  Better trained surgeons is good for all of us.

Watching TV and Movies

With the return of 3D movies, the VR possibility seems a bit remote.  Just try to imagine that instead of only having images popping out of the same screen, you could actually get into the movie and watch it from different angles.

The concept is still theoretical but it could take place and when it does, it will change film-watching forever.

Improving Life Quality

Virtual reality will give people with disabilities to explore the world, to feel, and see things that the able-bodied take for granted.  They also have the right to enjoy the life that their bodies have kept them from.  When virtual reality does that for them, it will help at boosting their confidence and desire to live.

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