Human Knowing


Our magazine is dedicated to topical issues of cybernetics
and robotization

Let's take a closer look at the purpose of our work

We are working on studying the processes of new algorithms in artificial intelligence. How AI can remember. How long does it take for an AI to learn what a human would need 20 years to do? Each member of our team has been asking these questions for a long time and considers it his sacred duty to devote himself entirely and completely to what we can then call human progress or even real evolution.


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How the idea of creating this journal was born

We have worked for a long time on various projects in various fields of cybernetics and came to the conclusion that we can accelerate the development of our favorite branch of science by popularizing it among people, making it more accessible and explanations simpler and clearer.

What is the essence of our work

We take a list of topical problems of our work and publish all our research material, preliminarily changing the structure of its presentation from scientific, which is understood only by scientists and people close to science, to popular science, which is much easier and more interesting to perceive. Thus, we want to draw people’s eyes to those problems that have not yet been covered.

Are we a commercial organization

We created our magazine with the common funds of each team member. We have no intention of making money on this project as each of us has a favorite job and in general, it does not fall under our idea of creating a magazine. But if you want to support us, then the link to donations will be below. You can help the project become better and better quality. But we are by no means encouraging you to do this. Only if you have a personal desire.